My entire life, people have always told me that I was stupid and after a while I started to believe them and it wasn’t until I walked in this room and joined this club that I really started believing in myself. As soon as I did that, as soon as I started believing that maybe I was smart after all, I think the whole world did too.

to all my polish-speaking followers!

i am running a personal blog now (like a really personal one, no-fandom/movie stuff) if you wanna follow here it is: senowarszawie

of course it’s just another blog, i am still gonna blog here as well ;)


It’s 1am so I’m sorry for the people who won’t see this. But if you want confidence and don’t know how to get it, a really good way is to be confident in other people. When you walk into Starbucks, think, “damn, that barista’s hair is da bomb!” Or when you go to school, think, “my teacher is rocking that skirt!” When you start seeing everyone as being beautiful, at some point you realize that you’re everyone too.

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so basically you share with your followers that you will be gone for a while cause you have to get your shit together and you loose 11 followers :)

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Do you ever get into an argument with someone and find yourself unable to speak for a moment because you’re just so blown away by how utterly wrong and ignorant the other person is being and you can’t understand how anyone could actually believe the things they are saying