sorry for being completely absent here

i don’t have normal internet connection till august

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Troians only weakness [X]

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there will come a day that I don’t reblog this. assume that I am dead if it ever comes.

this blog is 3 years old now

i am not saying anything but those were the worst years of my life i think i have to consider that fact

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Hello darkness, my old friend…

You tell me I’m beautiful, and that you like my hair and you like my smile. You rest your leg against mine in darkened theaters, and then you act as if nothing happened when the lights go up. You slept in my bed for three nights straight, and then you just… blew me off for the next month. What am I supposed to do with that, St. Clair? You said on my birthday that you were afraid of being alone, but I’ve been here this whole time. This whole time. - Anna and the French Kiss