BEST BLOGS of 2012 by myhemotions
I even used right capitalization so i think this is kind of a big thing for me… Also i am scared that i forgot about important people as usual that’s why firstly check out my blogroll. I love all these blogs!

In 2012 made me smile the most (in alfabetical order):

alwayschoosingyou Joanna runs one of my fav PLL blogs. Other fandoms can also be found there!

blainersland yeah lot of Blaine there. LOT OF

blainestina Ren’s blog means a lot of Blaine. And Klaine which is perfect

bradshawisaklainer beautiful klainer and hufflepuff mate!

c-olorsofhew-ind Mary is so precious and i love her very much. also her blog is full of pretty things

confessingfromthehip i like Jenni and she is Irish and i find Irish awesome. Moreover Hufflepuff pride!

chriscolfermas (also known as briansholden) Beth is perfect in every way cause she is so adorable and loves Chris Colfer’s butt, and Starkids (and their butts too)

diannaelisagron Suri if simply perfect ok she is perfect i have no words

doomedanyway Sam makes me happy and she knows how to appreciate a butt

elisediannas Andy is so important to me. She loves groffchele and pretty girls and that’s what’s mostly on her blog.

fapberry Ewa likes boobs and klaine if you do as well you have to follow her. Okay you have to follow her anyway

heathel-mollis Kirsten is my sunshine and thanks to her i’ve finally seen Rent and she makes pretty gifs

hemo i don’t think i need to explain

hisfacetasteawesome Alex is my sister so basically what she says is usually as well in my head. and her blog is full of Darren Criss

hopelessbrett Anna loves Brett. I think this is a good reason to follow her.

itseverdeen i wish i followed her before. Jessica’s blog is perfect. She has great taste in movies and she ships Rory and Logan yay!

justanotherklainer more like perfect klainer

kristendunst Arts is a lesbian so expect a lot of pretty ladies on his blog

kurtanderberry Solveig is awesome. Deal with it.

leasbra Helen is so pretty. Lot of Faberry and Supernatural on her blog.

likesboyswholikeboys Lorna is perfect and her url says everything about her blog

lovelengies i follow Emily for quite a lot of time now and her blog is always awesome. And she’s very pretty like wow so pretty

mishasboner i don’t watch Supernatural or football but somehow Magda’s blog is one of my favs. She is just so adorable

ohmyspoby just lot of Spoby and PLL. Which means perfection.

tobyspencer ok i have to say this i am a huge Katie’s stalker. This is my favourite blog ever

whenimwithbrittany Brynn’s blog has lot of posts i can relate to. And she is so cute.

whilelifepassesby perfect blog and so much Klaine!!!

I love you all! Happy 2013! :)

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